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Whether you're an intended parent who wishes to fulfill your dreams of parenthood, or a phenomenal woman who wants to help completes families by being a surrogate or egg donor, we are full-service agency where, no matter your background, we are here at every step of your journey.


It takes a village to grow love and the Giving Tree Surrogacy team is committed to providing you with world-class guidance and support.  

About Us

Giving Tree Surrogacy is founded on the belief that the act and gift of providing continuously brings us unparalleled happiness and purpose. We provide the best support, resources, and information to fulfill your dreams and maximize the overall chance for success. Our dedicated and experienced team provides compassionate and comprehensive support and care, which can alleviate any concerns and minimize the opportunity for stress, thus leading to a fulfilling and satisfactory personal journey.


Whether you're an intended parent who wish to fulfill your dreams of parenthood, a surrogate who want to help make a dream come true or an egg donor who is giving the greatest gift possible, when you embark on a journey with us, you can assure we will give the professional resources and support expected from a world class surrogacy agency. We look forward to educating, leading and guiding you through your journey, helping you achieve success and fulfill your dream through this rewarding experience.

Continuously providing in your journey to help you achieve your dreams and success.

Giving Tree Surrogacy

2100 Main Street Suite 103, Irvine, CA, 92614

Tel: (949)910-6455

Questions before starting your journey?

We understand choosing surrogacy is a very important decision filled with questions and research. Click below to contact us with your questions, or schedule a free, no-obligation exploratory consultation to make sure this is the right path for you. 

2100 Main Street Suite 103, Irvine, CA, 92614

Giving Tree Surrogacy

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