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Vivien Liu


Vivien is the heartbeat of the company. Coming from a luxury brand management background with Harrods, Prada and LVMH, Vivien brings in the highest level of customer service and brand experience to all her endeavors. Having to sacrifice her decade-long promising career to fulfill parenthood dreams lent her the hard-won joy as a mother. It also fostered her compassion towards others who are fighting to build their own families. Vivien formed Giving Tree on the belief that planned parenthood is a journey where selfless people work together to make miracles happen and care must run through it consistently before, during and after any surrogacy pregnancies.

"I love working in the surrogacy and egg donation industry, because it is a battlefield where vision, execution and ethical standards are demanded and challenged to its core. It is also a cradle where life and hope are created with care, perseverance, and love. What more do you want?"

Susan Bloom

Director of Marketing

Susan comes to us with 30 years' experience in marketing and graphic design, including brand planning, strategic direction and integrated communications planning.


With her passion for the fertility industry, and over 20 years' experience serving both the physician practice and egg donation/surrogacy realms, Susan is responsible for and oversees all the marketing activities at Giving Tree Surrogacy; these include planning, strategic direction, interactive marketing, content development, paid and search marketing, and both online and offline advertising.

“I am honored to be a part of your surrogacy and egg donation journey and to see the joy associated with helping couples achieve their dreams of creating a family.”

Joshua Roller

Marketing Associate

Joshua plays a key role in executing Giving Tree Surrogacy’s digital strategy. He comes to us after he and his husband’s personal surrogacy and egg donation journey. As a member of the marketing team, Joshua is responsible for PPC campaigns, content writing, and web development.


Joshua is excited to be working with a company that welcomes LGBTQ+ families and allows him to create a space that helps loving gay and trans couples become parents.

"Many of us grew up believing our truth would never allow us to marry who we love and build a family together. I’m excited to say, this is no longer our reality. I can’t wait to help the many LGBTQ+ couples grow their love and family with Giving Tree Surrogacy."

Jannette Mendez

Sr. Surrogate & Egg Donor Consultant

Jannette joined Giving Tree Surrogacy in 2019. As an experienced surrogate, she felt her calling is to continue helping others fulfill their dreams and help families grow, and she absolutely loves it! Her background as a surrogate helps her connect and empathize with Giving Tree’s surrogates. She loves being able to make a difference and doing something meaningful not only for intended parents and surrogates, but also for herself.

She never would have imagined she would be sitting here as a Senior Surrogate and Egg Consultant, but sometimes things just happen in one’s life and change it forever. Surrogacy did that for Jannette. She can’t wait to help you on your new surrogacy journey with Giving Tree Surrogacy!

"My goal is to help spread awareness of surrogacy, the truth behind it, and share how amazing this is!”

Mariah Hugson

Surrogate &

Egg Donor Consultant

Mariah Hugson joins the Giving Tree Surrogacy team with over five years of combined professional and personal experience in the Third-Party Reproduction industry. Mariah studied at Northern Arizona University and majored in Social Work, which she feels adds to her skill set as an Surrogate and Egg Donor Consultant.

Mariah was inspired to join TPR after completing her own family and wishing to help intended parents build and grow their own. She is rewarded every day through seeing newly matched surrogates begin their journeys to bring a baby Earth side for their intended parents.

"As an experienced gestational carrier for both international and domestic intended parents, I enjoy providing support and education throughout the intake and on-boarding process for prospective surrogates." 

Jack Lee

Program and

Office Manager

Jack, our Program and Office Manager, joined Giving Tree Surrogacy in 2018.  He brings with him over 20 years of knowledge ranging from administrative, customer service, and sales. Jack has firsthand experience with IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies as a former prospective intended parent himself. It was this experience that allows him to speak about surrogacy and egg donation from a unique, personal perspective. Jack works closely with IVF clinics, ancillary infertility service providers, intended parents, surrogates, and donors to ensure a smooth journey for everyone. 

Jack resides in Orange County, CA and when he isn't working, he spends time with his wife and daughter enjoying all of life’s little moments. 

"Having witnessed firsthand, there is no greater joy than combining my experience and passion to helping couples realize their parenthood dreams.”

Jiajia Gao

Case Coordinator

Jiajia has been in the Surrogacy and IVF industry for 4 years. While working at the practice level at SCRC, she saw many couples struggling to get pregnant as they tried to overcome fertility issues. Seeing their sadness and how eager they were to build a family of their own is what motivated Jiajia to be a part of a team that could make dreams a reality.


Seeing the courage of intended parents along with the warm hearts of surrogates are what made her fall in love with this industry. To Jiajia, it’s the best thing in the world to make someone’s dream come true.

“Every time a baby is born, I see smiles and happy tears on everyone’s faces…these are moments I’ll never forget.”

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