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Giving Tree Surrogacy

2100 Main Street Suite 103, Irvine, CA, 92614

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Why choose Giving Tree?

Joining Giving Tree Family as intended parents means peace of mind. Families choose Giving Tree gestational surrogacy program not only because of our core values, experiences, and dedicated staff, but also because we employed the most rigorous pre-screening of surrogates and egg donors in the industry to ensure we find the best possible matching candidate. We simplify the process so you can enjoy building your family and minimize your anxiety.

  • We employed the most rigorous pre-screening and interviews in the industry while selecting surrogate mothers and egg donors to ensure you will have the highest quality surrogates and eggs to choose from

  • Save time and resources during the matching process as our experienced matching experts will find the right surrogates and egg donors every time.

  • We connect you with legal and insurance experts to ensure a smooth journey so you can focus on the joy of parenthood, not worries of legalities

  • We are located in Orange County, California, a surrogacy friendly State.  We are one of few selected agencies providing bilingual services (Chinese Mandarin and English)

  • Our experience and dedicated team specialist will maintain constant contact throughout your journey - pre, during, and post journey - to provide constant updates, educate, provide guidance, and answer any questions