Intended Parents

Surrogacy is a process and arrangement whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and carry the pregnancy until birth for another individual(s), who will become the parent(s) of the newborn child.


Surrogacy has helped many loving parents to fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. Surrogacy is able to work around many different causes of infertility, providing hope to parents who have been unable to start a family on their own.

Why choose surrogacy?

  • Medical conditions with uterus, ovaries, or genital tract that causes female infertility.

  • Other Medical conditions that makes pregnancy or delivery risky, impossible or undesirable.

  • Same-sex relationship couples and LGBTQ, wishing to fulfill parenthood dreams

  • Individuals who encountered terrifying prior experiences during pregnancy or childbirth

  • Individuals who wish to maintain their bodily figures or maintain peak physically condition due to social status or career requirements

Gestational Surrogacy Program


We recruit only the healthiest, brightest, most dedicated surrogates who are already mothers to their own children, and who have the responsibility and compassion required to carry a healthy pregnancy for another.

All potential surrogates are required to go through criminal background checks, psychological screening, medical examinations, and interviews to ensure you have nothing to worry when choosing the right surrogate for your baby.

Egg Donor Program

Our egg donor program is built on selectivity as it is our belief that quality far outweighs quantity. By being selective in the application, pre-screening, and interview processes, we attract the brightest and best, high quality egg donors who are motivated to make a difference in the lives of individuals and couples who want to start a family.  Our egg donor profiles are updated every 2 months to maintain integrity and accuracy to minimize some of the inherent risks.

Our gestational surrogates:

  • Financially secured and sound with responsible and stable lifestyles

  • Not currently on government financial support.     

  • Does not use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol

  • Are non-smokers and between age of 21 to 38

  • Has previous delivery of own child and currently parenting at least one child.

  • Has medical documentation showing uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries

  • Is a citizen, legal resident or legal immigrant of the United States.

  • Residues in a US state where surrogacy is legal and permitted.

  • History clear of criminal activity and mental illness

  • Are emotionally stable and motivated who loves to help others

Process Overview

  1. Application & Consultation

All prospective intended parents starts with filling out an application and once evaluated, we will schedule a consultation where you will meet with our consultant coordinator where you can share your story, and to better understand the surrogacy process and review our programs and options. We will also answer any questions regarding the process at this time.

   2. Joining Giving Tree Family

Once you decide to join us after the consultation, you will sign an Agreement for Services and be assigned to a dedicated team, who will be communicating with you on a regular basis and guide you through every stop of the journey. 

   3. The Matching Process

Your assigned coordinator team will start the matching process by selecting the IVF clinic, an egg donor (if required), and a gestational surrogate mother who have completed our rigorous prescreening and selection. The average time frame for the process usually takes between 1-4 months based on a client’s legal matching requirements.

   4. Conception and Pregnancy Period (The Waiting Period)

Once a heartbeat is confirmed (usually around 6-8 week), your assigned team coordinator will provide you a packet containing instructions and information. The coordinator will keep in contact with you throughout the process, and will contact the hospital 1.5 to 2 months prior for delivery preparations. Our legal team will be working towards the completion of all requirement paperwork and documentation for you and your baby/ babies.

   5. Your Baby Awaits !

Experience the Joy of Parenthood while our legal team will handle all the legitimacy and legalities while our coordinator will be in constant contact post-journey so you need to only focus on the joy.

At Giving Tree, we consider it an honor and a privilege to help Intended parents from a variety of backgrounds - regardless of sexual oriental, age, or nationalities - to achieve your dreams of starting a family. If you have struggled with infertility or have chosen to select surrogacy for any other reasons, we are committed to providing top-tier egg donor and surrogate services to help you overcome it.


If you are ready to take your first step towards fulfilling your parenthood dream and start building your family, please fill out the application by clicking on the button below so we can schedule a consultation with you.

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