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Building Families in Irvine: Our Dedicated Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency guides and supports intended parents, gestational surrogates, and egg donors through the profound journey of family creation. From Anaheim to Riverside, we're here to facilitate meaningful connections and ensure a rewarding experience for all.

At Giving Tree Surrogacy & Egg Donation in Irvine, our commitment is to provide a supportive, informative, and compassionate journey for everyone involved in the surrogacy and egg donation process. Whether you're embarking on the path to parenthood, considering surrogacy, or exploring egg donation, we're dedicated to ensuring a fulfilling experience that celebrates life and family. Begin your journey with us today and be part of creating life's most beautiful miracles.

Irvine Address

4199 Campus Drive Suite 550,
Irvine, CA 92612
PH: (888) 328-8883

Irvine Location Information

Our egg donation and surrogacy agency is located in the Irvine Concourse off of the San Diego Freeway. The complex offers numerous amenities, including ample parking, restaurants, hotels, a gym, and outdoor spaces.

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Intended parents seeking to start their journey with a surrogate will find guidance on every question, from the basics of initiating the process to the specifics of Irvine and California surrogacy laws and costs. Our resources are tailored to demystify the process, helping you find your ideal surrogate match in Irvine and navigate the legal landscape with ease.

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Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing decision filled with potential and promise. At Giving Tree, we illuminate the path to becoming a gestational surrogate, offering clarity, support, and compassion. Discover the enriching surrogacy process and the profound joy of helping create families in Irvine. For surrogates facing challenges, our insightful blog, "Navigating Surrogacy Disqualifications", provides valuable guidance and support.

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In addition to surrogacy, Giving Tree invites women in Irvine to consider the impactful journey of egg donation. Your generosity as an egg donor can enable countless dreams of parenthood to come true. Through our comprehensive support system, we guide potential donors through the donation process, ensuring a meaningful and rewarding experience for every donor.
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Travel Information

Whether arriving by plane, car, or public transportation, our egg donation and surrogacy agency in Irvine is easy to get to.

By Air: The city of Irvine is primarily served by John Wayne Airport (SNA) and our agency is within a 10-minute car ride from there. For more flight options, you can also fly through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), from which we are approximately an hour away by car. Click here for driving directions from John Wayne Airport. Click here for driving directions from Los Angeles International Airport.

By Car: Our Irvine office is close to many major highways, including:

  • Interstate 405/San Diego Freeway
  • Interstate 5
  • California State Route 55
  • California State Route 73
  • California State Route 133
  • California State Route 261

By Public Transportation: Our Irvine office is very close to many local bus routes, including:

Irvine is also known for being a green city that encourages residents and visitors to explore on foot or by bicycle. The city bike trail system consists of 113.24 miles of off-street bikeway trails and 286.42 lane miles of on-street bikeways. You can check out a full map of all bike paths and lanes, as well as steep grades, here.

Accommodations and Amenities in Irvine

In addition to all the accommodations and amenities that are located close to our egg donor and surrogacy agency, the City of Irvine offers a wide range of accommodations and attractions to suit any budget and style. With an average of 281 days of sunshine per year, Irvine’s great weather offers residents and visitors a warm invitation to spend time outdoors. Visit the local beaches, Orange County Great Park, Limestone Canyon Regional Park, or spend the day shopping at Irvine Spectrum Center. Looking for something more whimsical? Our agency is located only half an hour from the happiest place on earth – Disneyland Park.