Egg Donor Compensation

While committing to being an egg donor is a serious commitment, the compensation you receive will also help bring a sense of accomplishment that you feel for this truly selfless act which yields such gratifying results like no other.

At Giving Tree Surrogacy & Egg Donation, we believe the compensation egg donors receive should mirror the importance placed on their commitment and generosity. Egg donors can earn up to $100k.

Additional benefits you can expect to receive are completely covered expenses including legal, psychological, and genetic counseling, travel, accommodations, food allowance during cycle and medical insurance.

The generous compensation opens a door of possibilities where you can continue education goals, travel, donate to charity, assist with auto and home payments, or save for the future.

An egg donor does not have to worry about any expenses as intended parents are 100% responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of an egg donation cycle.

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