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it takes a village to grow love.

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Whether you're an intended parent who wishes to fulfill your dreams of parenthood or a woman who wants to help families by being a surrogate or egg donor, we are a full-service agency here to guide you at every step of your journey.

Your Partner In Growing Love

It takes a village to grow love. We are committed to providing unparalleled support for you on your path to parenthood. It’s our mission to navigate, support, facilitate, and implement remarkable surrogacy and egg donation journeys for all.

“I’m lucky to have chosen Giving Tree. They were so professional and had my best interest at heart.”
L.Y., Intended Parent
“I connected with my IPs and their family and I feel so much love from them.”
A.C., Gestational Surrogate
“I was prepared for all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. Giving Tree erased all my fears and made the journey so smooth.”
J.T., Intended Parent
“I’m so happy I found Giving Tree Surrogacy & Egg Donation. Jack is amazing!! He was on top of my every concern.”
I.M., Gestational Surrogate
“In a short time, Vivien was able to locate an ideal and suitable egg donor.”
Y.F., Intended Parent
“I am amazed at how much attention the staff gives us surrogates. Vivien assures you are taken care of. If you’re looking to be a surrogate, definitely call Giving Tree.”
A.G., Gestational Surrogate

Surrogacy and Egg Donation FAQ

We understand choosing surrogacy or egg donation is a very important decision filled with questions and research. Below are some of the most common questions and answers we hear from clients. Contact us with any questions or schedule a free, no no-obligation exploratory consultation to make sure this is the right path for you.

Giving Tree is a leading world-class surrogacy and egg donation agency founded on the belief of providing the best support, resources, and information to educate, guide, and lead you through every step of your journey. Our corporate offices are located in Irvine (Orange County), California, with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver and Dallas. Our dedicated and experienced team provides you with compassionate and comprehensive support and care, every step of the way as you fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

Going the independent route can be a challenging and risky route. There is a wide range of element to take into consideration, including legalities. On average, there are over 500 tasks from beginning to end of the surrogacy process. Monitoring them is a daunting challenge. Giving Tree helps to simplify those process by helping you select the right surrogates, egg donors, and handle all the legalities so you can just enjoy the joy of your journey, and subsequent raising of your child/ children. We will help you navigate, pave the way, smooth any bumps, and celebrate your success along the way.

For more information on why intended parents choose Giving Tree, click here.

We’re not only friendly, we celebrate the community. Our staff is comprised of experienced intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, and members of the LGBT!+ community. We honor everyone for their unique path and expression.

For more information on how we support LGBT!+ couples, click here.

Giving Tree offers one of the most generous base compensation and benefits packages ranging from $50,000 to $80,000. We also offer a generous friend referral bonus.

Base compensation amounts depend on your state of residence and experience as a surrogate. Whether you are a first time surrogate or an experienced surrogate, you will be certain to find our compensation bonus rewarding.

For more information on our surrogate program, click here.

The egg donation timeline varies depending on the several circumstances such as egg donation arrangements and whether the intended parents require a gestational surrogate. An egg donation cycle is typically 6 -8 weeks long. However ultimately this is dependent on menstrual cycle synchronization between the egg donor and the intended mother (or surrogate).

This timing of cycles can sometimes delay the start of the egg donation cycle, causing the entire process to last longer.

For more information on the egg donation process, click here.

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