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Continuously providing in your journey to help you achieve your dreams and success.

Why Choose Giving Tree Surrogacy?

Whether you're an intended parent who wish to fulfill your dreams of parenthood, a surrogate who want to help make a dream come true or an egg donor who is giving the greatest gift possible, when you embark on a journey with us, you can assure our experienced and dedicated team will give the professional resources and support expected from a world class surrogacy agency

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Find out about who we are, what we represent, and why thousands have chosen us to fulfill their dreams. 

Find out answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding surrogacy.

Intended Parents

Giving Tree Surrogacy has helped many loving parents fulfilled their dreams of parenthood. Surrogacy is able to work around many different causes of infertility, providing hope to parents who have been unable to start a family on their own. We are committed to providing top-tier egg donor and surrogate services to help you overcome any difficulties


By becoming surrogate mothers, you can help those in need restore their hope and optimism about parenthood and also get paid with generous compensations, Sign Up Bonus, and Referral bonus. The sense of accomplishment, delight and benefits of being surrogate mothers are so rewarding that many have returned for repeated surrogacy journeys.  

Egg Donors

When you become an egg donor, you are demonstrating a great act of compassion where you have the opportunity to help change their lives forever and fulfill their parenthood dreams.  While committing to being an egg donor can be a serious commitment, the monetary motives ($7000 - $15000 )and sense of accomplishment that results yield gratifying results like none other.

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