For Parents

Parenthood Fulfillment beings at Giving Tree



  • Best possible matches from our rigorous Pre-Screening of surrogates and egg donors

  • Save time and resources with our experienced matching experts 

  • Experience team will guide, connect, educate and ensure smooth journey to parenthood ​

For Surrogates

Discover the rewarding experience of fulfilling a family's dream.

  • One of the most generous compensation packages ranging from $50,000 to $80,000*

  • Get a substantial Sign Up Bonus once legal is cleared!

  • Enjoy Generous Friend Referral Bonus once your referral is legally cleared!

  • Help those in need restore their hope and optimism about parenthood.

  • Dedicated team will guide, support, and answer questions throughout the journey

For Donors

Fulfilling dreams and opening a world of possibilities.


  • Earn between $7000 and $15000* to help you accomplish your own dreams

  • Help change lives forever and fulfill  parenthood dreams

  • Dedicated specialist will provide updates, educate, guide, and answer questions to ensure smooth and stress free journey

* Amount will vary depending on if you have previous surrogacy experience

Giving Tree Surrogacy

& Egg Donation

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Giving Tree Surrogacy

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