5 Reasons Being A Surrogate Mother Will Shake Your Soul

There is a multitude of reasons why women choose to be surrogates. I would bet if you're considering this path, you've already come up with a few reasons of your own!

Being a surrogate mother is not only exciting but also rewarding beyond description. Here are five more reasons you can add to your list of why you should pursue this journey if it’s the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

  1. Give the gift of life.
  2. You enjoy being pregnant.
  3. Help complete a family.
  4. Financial freedom.
  5. Feel Fulfilled.

1) Give the gift of life.

Women are incredible. There are many things to celebrate that make you different from men, but of all of them, you can create life.

Men are amazing too, we couldn’t build families without you guys! We love all genders and representations but surrogate Mothers have a special place in this post.

Every single one of us can acknowledge the power and beauty of being able to carry a child.

It's in our very nature to seek out our mothers for comfort and guidance. This of course can be representative or literal.

Unfortunately, there are women who, due to no fault of their own, cannot bear children. This is where the most magical part of being a surrogate comes into play…as a surrogate, you help another woman create life and realize the power of her motherhood, then allow her to step into the role with love and humility.

2) You enjoy being pregnant.

Not everyone enjoys being pregnant, but if you do, surrogacy is a great way to help others while still being able to experience pregnancy yourself!
Many surrogates derive joy from the unique experience of creating another life. Beyond stronger nails and long silky hair, you grow selfless as you care for the life you're bringing into the world.

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3) Help complete a family.

There are many reasons why people choose surrogacy. Some couples are overcoming infertility challenges while others may be members of the LGBT community facing their obstacles.

There are even individuals with aspirations of parenthood who cannot and do not require a category or qualifying situation to dream of having a family.

Surrogates allow couples and individuals to realize their dreams of building a family are not so far out of reach. You have the opportunity to help make someone's dream come true by carrying their baby and giving them the family they've always wanted.

4) Gain financial freedom.

Whew…we almost did not include this reason. After all, surrogates have to be financially stable and surrogacy is not a get-rich-quick scheme by any means.

Its hard work being a surrogate and hard work (especially when it impacts a person physically) should be compensated fairly.

Having financial goals and self-worth for the dedication to surrogacy can fit neatly into the category of financial literacy.

States like California allow surrogates to be compensated for the work they put in to bring a new life into the world. This money not only includes base compensation, but also reimbursement for any pregnancy-related expenses you'll accrue during the journey, and bonuses.

Some surrogates use this money to buy a much-needed family car or even save for their kids' college future. Whatever the case, it is perfectly fine to pair altruistic and financial goals. We love that!

5) Feelings of fulfillment and purpose.

Perhaps, the most important reason on our list is, surrogate mothers have a unique opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

When you see your intended parents' faces full of tears as they hold their baby for the first time, you'll know just much you have impacted the world.

Surrogacy allows you to be part of something much bigger than yourself; it's an opportunity to change lives and make a real difference in the world!

These are just a few reasons why women choose to be surrogates and we know there are even more out there. What are some reasons you’re reading today?

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why women choose to become surrogate mothers. It is an exciting and rewarding journey that comes with many benefits! If you're considering surrogacy, keep these five reasons in mind as you make your decision.

If you are someone who meets the Basic Requirements and loves to help others, you should feel positive that an Intended Parent will accept you.

To get even more motivated to become a Surrogate Mother, read reading top 5 reasons for becoming a surrogate.

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